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My name is Rune.

I'm a Copenhagen based graphic designer.


I have a bachelor in Visual Communication from Skolen for Visuel Kommunikation in Haderslev, where I went after quitting my job at Applecare, Barcelona. That was a hard move! but gave me time to focus on my studies in a small town.


Before that, I went to Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole for almost a year (got kicked out of the military and started right after!)


I have also taken Grafisk Tekniker at Tekken two times before I knew what to do with my life.


Since I got my Bachelor I have been working at:

MediaCom Beyond Advertising: Toke called me "banner Lord" because I could make HiFi Klubben banners as fast as lighting! Made a lot of "chop board" tasks back then but also some fun projects, and got much better at playing basket.


After MBA I went to CPH:DOX, where I with a lovely team made all graphics etc. for DOX - Books, papers, posters, flyers, slides n' whatever!


Since CPH:DOX I have been working at EHDS, where I gained experience working with big corporate company's.



My toolbox includes:

Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut, Sketch, Wordpress. I am also really good at google'ling and not afraid of jumping into something new.




In my spare time, I arrange a nonprofit festival called Nakkefestival where I do PR, communication, and graphic design.

This is my third year at Nakke and this year I decided to make a new website.


I'm a huge Brønshøj fan (mostly for the drinking and singing part:



I like going to Cafés on the weekends.

Ex. Café Heimdal, Kafé Falken, Cafe Stadion, Café Blomsten, Café Postgaarden, or just for a couple at Glashuset.




I'm a sexy smooth dancer

/with a nice crispy wound that day (*Ole Wedel lyd):

Clean Moves





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+45 28779674


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